School Shooting

Im so mad at the media for not telling the rest of the story. Okay this dude had no right to shoot at these kids but they refuse to say what made him do it. I’m watching CNN and they talking about ways to stop school shootings but they are not getting to the real issue which likely bullying. This kid targeted these others why do you think that is? The media will not get down to the bottom of it and say but I hope that they will because something needs to happen. I feel for the young man and the kids that lost their lives or got hurt because it was preventable! The bullying has got to stop period! And the media needs to get that message out instead of dancing around it. I’m waiting for it to be revealed and maybe we will find out today when this young man goes to court. Maybe he had some issues or maybe it was something else either way the media needs to stop generalizing and making it seem as if he just woke up one day and wanted to kill those kids. Something else was the cause behind this. Parents wake up!! Media…you have to do better!!!

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